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After Implant Placement
Placentia, CA

Diagram of Dental Implants from Placentia Oral Surgery in Placentia, CADental implants can replace one or more missing teeth. The implants will become a permanent part of your mouth. Your new tooth will be just as strong, if not stronger than the original tooth was when it was healthy. Here at Placentia Oral Surgery, we have helped many others to have smiles that they once again want to show off with Dental Implants. If we recommend one or more dental implant for you, here is what you will need to know about what happens after you receive them.

After Implant Placement: The First Few Days

Here are some of the things that you can expect and that you will need to do after dental implant placement. We will discuss these things with you in further detail in our office.

When you receive a dental implant, we will place a screw in your jaw, which will become the basis for your new tooth. The screw will most likely be made of titanium. This will take several weeks to heal because the bone in your jaw needs to accept the screw and bond with it.

Immediately after the implant placement, you can expect some pain and swelling. The pain most likely will not be as bad as you are expecting. We will already have talked about pain medications, and an ice pack can help with the swelling. If we prescribed an antibiotic, make sure that you follow the package directions and also take the whole course.

You will most likely want to stick to soft foods for a few days. This will make it easier for you to eat. You might also want to sleep on your back, using an extra pillow to keep your head elevated.

Taking care of the rest of your mouth is important. You will still need to brush your other teeth and also your tongue. A warm salt water rinse could also be helpful. For this, you will take a teaspoon of salt and dissolve it in a cup of warm, but not hot, water. Rinse the area, and then spit it out.

After Implant Placement: The Next Few Weeks

The next few weeks we will monitor your progress. Try to avoid placing your tongue near the area.

Once your jaw has healed, we will give you a permanent crown for the implant. This will become your brand new tooth.

It is important that you practice good oral hygiene. You should brush and floss your implant just like a normal tooth. It should last you a lifetime, but if anything ever seems off about your implant, contact us immediately.

It is not uncommon to lose a tooth. Dental implants give us a way to replace that tooth. Here at Placentia Oral Surgery, we would like to talk to you about what will work the best for your situation. Call (657) 216-1617 to make an appointment. You do not have to live with a missing tooth. A Dental Implant could be the answer, or we might recommend another way to replace the tooth.

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After Dental Implant Placement • Placentia Oral Surgery
At Placentia Oral Surgery, we have helped many patients to have smiles that they once again want to show off with dental implants. Call for more info (657) 216-1617.
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