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3D Cone Beam
Placentia, CA

Patient and dental assistant using a 3D cone beam machine at Placentia Oral Surgery in Placentia, CAWhen you think of dental x-rays, what immediately pops into your mind? If you are like many people, you think of a traditional x-ray. You think about the worry that the x-ray is not safe, and you might even picture the dentist coming into the office with an x-ray film that he or she hangs up in front of a lighted board to better see the image. That might be how dental x-rays were done in the past, but changes have been made for the better, such as using digital x-rays. Here at Placentia Oral Surgery, one of the ways that we can now see what is going on is with a 3D cone beam. It is a safe and more efficient way to get the big picture.

What Is a 3D Cone Beam?

A 3D cone beam is a different type of x-ray. It allows us to see better what is going on. With a 3D cone beam, you will not have to lie down. Instead, you will sit up in a chair. We will circle your head with the beam, which will allow us to get all angles of your mouth. This is not possible with a traditional x-ray. A traditional x-ray limits us as to how much we can see.

What Ways Is 3D Cone Beam Better?

A 3D cone beam is a type of dental technology that is an extremely helpful tool for better diagnosing what is going on with a patient. It will help us to treat you better.

A traditional x-ray allows us to see things from only one angle. We will look at the film in front of a lighted screen. With a 3D cone beam, we will instead look at the results on a computer. This means that we can see exactly what we are looking for.

Since a 3D cone beam is a computer program, we can zoom in on an area if we need to. We can move the image around to be able to see your teeth from many different angles. We will have the big picture, and we will also better be able to show you what is happening. It is easier to explain it to you when we can change the angle or zoom in on one tooth, allowing us to provide the best dental services possible.

Another thing that is nice about the 3D cone beam is that we can also work on solutions through the program. We can try out different scenarios until we come up with the right treatment for your particular problem.

With a 3D cone beam, we are no longer limited to a flat image. It is an extremely helpful tool that we will use to find the problem. It also will help us to figure out the best treatment and if oral surgery is needed. Here at Placentia Oral Surgery, we want to make sure that you receive the right diagnosis, and a 3D cone beam is a great tool for that. If you would like to learn more about it, call us at (657) 216-1617. We think that you will be excited to learn about 3D cone beam technology and the other tools that we have to serve you better.

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3D Cone Beam Placentia, CA • Placentia Oral Surgery
At Placentia Oral Surgery, our top-notch dental technology includes a 3D cone beam. It is a safe and more efficient way to get the big picture. Call: (657) 216-1617.
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