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Wisdom Teeth Extraction in Placentia

By the late teens or early adulthood, most patients will have developed their third molars. Also known as the wisdom teeth, these molars can have a negative impact on the remainder of the smile if left unremoved. At Placentia Oral Surgery, Dr. Young Jun and Dr. Brian Cooper offer comprehensive wisdom teeth extraction for all patients. Using state-of-the-art technology and general anesthesia, your extraction experience is in the hands of professionals. 

What are Wisdom Teeth?

Often erupting during the late teens through early 20s, the third molars are the final teeth to develop in the dentition. However, few patients have room in their arches to accommodate additional teeth by the time wisdom teeth are ready to emerge. As a result, many often experience a condition known as impaction. 

During impaction, the tooth is unable to breach the jaw bone or gums. This causes the tooth to grow incorrectly, often pushing the adjacent molars towards the front of the dentition. In the long-run, impactions can threaten the alignment of the dentition as well as the health of the entire smile. With this in mind, removing wisdom teeth as soon as possible is critical to protecting a patient’s long-term oral health and function. 

What to Expect During Tooth Extraction?

When planning this in-office procedure, our oral surgeons will conduct an in-depth examination of your smile, determining where the third molars have emerged and how they are currently positioned. Panoramic x-rays and 3D imaging are used to plan the extraction process and determine whether additional care is needed to restore full health and oral function.

During the procedure, local anesthesia is applied to the treatment area. To ensure a comfortable treatment, Placentia Oral Surgery also offers general anesthesia to patients are not conscious during the extraction process. Once the area has been prepped, a small incision is made in the gums and jaw bone to provide access to the molar. If too large, the tooth may be broken into smaller pieces for easier extraction. As soon as the roots have been removed, the incision is closed and patients are sent home to recover. 

Over the course of recovery, we provide patients with post-surgery care instructions as well medication to help reduce the characteristic swelling. In the event of complications such as dry-socket or joint/muscle soreness, we recommend patients contact us immediately. If no complications arise, patients return to our office one week following their procedure for a final check-up and to have their stitches removed.

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